Holst - Bai - 1994
4*15 ans
Approuvé Stud-book : SF- AA.CR - HOLST - HANN- KWPN

  Quidam de Revel sf
Jalisco B
Ondine de Baugy
  Birte II holst
Landgraf I
Ladykiller ps


His pedigree is one of the most interesting ones in Europe:
His sire is the leading international stallion QUIDAM DE REVEL. The best SF stallion today.
QUIDAM DE REVEL (Jalisco B) was himself a great competitor,(4th in the Barcelona Olympics ). He has produced many stallions and winners in CSIO.
QUITE EASY was bred by one of the top Holstein breeders, Harn Thormahlen.
BIRTE II, QUITE EASY's dam, is a daughter of LANDGRAF I, one of the foundation sires in the Holstein, father of many champions and leading stallions such as LANDADEL (sire of FEIRN SERA World Champion 2002) or LIBERO H.
BIRTE II is also the dam of COBOS (Chambertin) stallion in the Holstein, CASIR ASK (Cor de la Bryere) stallion in Denmark, sire of winners,"Stallion of the Year 2008", QUITE EASY II winner in Denmark, QUITE EASY III winner in CSO in France at 5 & 6yrs (3rd in the 5 yr old Championships), finalist at 6yrs.
As well, U CAPITOLA, the grand dam of QUITE EASY, is the full sister of CAPITOL I, N°1 stallion in the world,father of many winners and foundation sire, father of stallions such as CARTHAGO, CENTO, CASSINI, CAROLUS, CELANO, CARDENTO etc...
U CAPITOLA has produced also these stallions approved in the Holstein, CEVIN (Calando), LANDCAPITOL (Landadel) , LORD CAPITOL (Lord) and QUITE CAPITOL (Quidam de Revel) CSI.
His 3rd dam FOLIA (Maximus) is also the mother of the stallions CAPITOL I & II (Capitano), CELLEBRIO (Caletto II), LATUS I & II (Landgraf) FOLIA and also the grand dam of the stallions CONCRETO (Contender), CADILLAC (Caletto II).

This exceptional family (STAMM 173), is also the same as the one that has given us the stallions VERMONT (Carolus II) KWPN, CORALLO (Corrado I) Holst, RAMONUS (Ramiro) Holst, LAGRAIN (Landgraf) SI, MAURUS (Maximus) Holst, MONTREAL (Maurus) Holst, A-DUR (Argentinus) OLD, REINBLICK (Romadour II) Holst, NINTENDO (Noble Roi ps) HESS, & DREAM OF GLORY (Donnerhall) OLD.


Disponible en IAF-IAR ou IAC
Saison 2021 Stationn au Ecuries d'Outremer, 50320.
0677780344 / 0671725137 ecuriedoutremer50@gmail.com
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The Flyinge Stud in Sweden has always priveliged the breeding career of
QUITE EASY more than his show career, as he bred over 200 mares every year.
But, nevertheless, QUITE EASY was ridden in national and international
competitions by their rider Peter Eriksson (rider of ROBIN Z, CARDENTO
& JAGUAR MAIL)when the breeding season was over.

QUITE EASY was the Swedish Champion for 7-8 yr olds in 2001.
He was the Vice Champion of Sweden in 2003.
A regular winner from 7 to 12 yrs old , he stopped his sporting career when he arrived
in France, here at Brullemail in 2007.

« Remarquable étalon père de vainqueurs CSI 5* et CCI 4* »

QUITE  EASY etalon N°1 en France en CCE (SHF).
15e mondial CCI en 2018, QUITE EASY un des meilleurs étalons du monde, classé dans le TOP 100 de 2011 à 2018, 8 années consécutives, en CSI ou CCI.
Etalon polyvalent : Top 100 en CSI (2011-2012-2013-2016) ou CCI (2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018).
Aux USA leader des étalons pères de HUNTERS et 6e des pères de JUMPERS.
Suède « Stallion Of The Year » 2010
QUIDAM x LANDGRAF sur la souche de CAPITOL I.
En 2018, QUITE EASY père de gagnants en CSIW 5* et en CCI aux WEG de Tryon.


QUITE EASY is in the TOP 100 Jumping & Eventing WBFSH ranking for the best stallions in the World in 2016

QUITE EASY was instantly brought to the atttention of breeders throughout Europe
when they first noticed the exceptional quality of his very first foals born in Denmark
and then in Sweden.
The foals are remarkable and won many championships in different countries:
PHILIPPA S was the swedish champion in 2001 with scores of 10-9-8-9-8-10,
QUITE LOVELY swedish champion 2003 with scores of 9-9-8-9-9-9, QUITE A
 MISSY was 2nd & QUEEN 3rd. The beautiful NIKITA S was the Supreme Champion
 at Zangersheide in 2003.
Entré au haras en Suède en 1998 et en France en 2004, arrivé à Brullemail en 2007. QUITE EASY reste toujours un des meilleurs étalons du monde dans deux disciplines, ce qui est exceptionnel. Parmi sa production SF, on note : ALFIE ex RUBIS DU ROUHET CSI ISO 149, CSI, RINALDO ROUGE CSI ISO 148,  SULTANE DE ST GEORGES ISO 143, RIEN QUE POUR TOI ISO 143, ROVER DES FORETS ISO 140, UNE STAR DE THEYSSAMY ISO 147, UNA BELLA DE LA TOUR ISO 144, VIOLA O’MOULIN ISO 142, AQUAD'VIE ISO 144, ALIBI DE THEYSSAMY ISO 143 et Quarlys ISO 134, Ramses Paluelle ISO 136, Rival de St Georges ISO 133, Saxo des Comtes ISO 132, Scarabee Vert ISO 138, Sixtime Tam ISO 137, Sunshine du Thot ISO 133, Taelis Normande ISO 133, Union Jack de Lyons ISO 131, Untero Surprise ISO 134, Uranie de Blondel ISO 131, Virgule du Touney ISO 135, Valentin de Theyssamy ISO 137, Venezia Mail ISO 130, Verveine d'Egle ISO 134, Very Quiet Val Henry ISO 137, Virgule du Touney ISO 136, Agatha de Breve ISO 131, Allegria du Val Henry ISO 135, Altea du Pomiez ISO 139, Amber ISO 137, Amour du Soleil CSI, ISO 133, Anakena Landifer ISO 131, Avant Toi ISO 131, Azur de Ste Eulalie ISO 136, Bully Star ISO 134, Brandy Mail ISO 133, Caryzia Larguoise ISO 134, etc …

En CCE, QUITE EASY devance en 2018 le leader JAGUAR MAIL au classement SHF. Ses meilleurs produits sont : RAMSA VILLA ROSE (Champion des 6 ans 2011) ICC 153, SARAH D'ARGOUGES ICC 147 (560e mondial 2018), UMPERIUM DU RICHEMEONT ICC 145, VINECHESKA JECLAIS (2e Championnat 6 ans 2015) ICC 151, ARPEGE DU MANCEL (Champion des 4 ans 2014) ICC 142 (WBSFH 2018), DARTAGNAN DE BELIARD Champion des 4 ans 2017, Vice Champion des 5 ans 2018, ICC 142 et aussi Saphir du Manoir ICC 135, Tit’Lagune Mt Royal ICC 130, Uzelle des Etiers ICC 135 (WBFSH 2018), Versatile des Rois ICC 132, A'Daunis ICC 132, Agatha de Brenne ICC 131, California Mail ICC 130 (Mondial du Lion d’Angers 2018), Chactas Chalonges ICC 130, Calipsso de l’Iléon ICC 131, Demoiselle Platine ICC 131 ou Un Cador de Lathus (WBFSH 2018), Alcapone des Bois (WBFSH 2018) etc …
En Dressage : UTOPIE D’OUILLY IDR 146, DON QUICHOT IDR 144, Vegas du Chaillou IDR 138.

Quant à l'étranger QUITE EASY est le père de plus de 60 gagnants en CSI parmi lesquels des gagnants en CSI 5* (GP 1m60) et CSIO-CSIW :  MIEBELLO classé 164e mondial en 2018,  QUADAM CSI 5* USA, JACKSON HOLE (Vainqueur Coupe du Monde à Vienne), QUE PASA (Championnat d’Europe 2015), et aussi ENZO, ELVINI VH COSTERSVELD, EASY CONTACT, REVENGE, RICO REVEL, QUITE BEAUTY, VALENTIN F, DARTAGNAN, QURINT, BE QUITE, WALIBA  tous classés dans la WBFH ranking 2018 etc ...

QUITE EASY s’affirme aussi comme un des leaders mondiaux aussi en CCI : BOX QUTIE (WEG 2018) 148e mondial, QUITE SURVIVOR (213e mondial 2018), OVER EASY, PENELOPPE, QUIDOR, QUATTRINO, HOLLYFIELD, BETINA BEAKLEY, Simson, Fernill Valerchin, Appolo Gamelgarden, Easy To Love, Bally Quantos, Cuillan Hills, Breasy, Viva La Vida, Byron, tous classés dans le Eventing WBFSH ranking 2017-2018. QUITE EASY etait aussi le grand-père de 2 chevaux des Jeux Olympiques en CCE à Rio 2016.

QUITE EASY a plus de 20 fils étalons dont les plus connus sont VERON VDL (NL), QUINTA REAL (GER), QUADAM (GER), URKEL (GB), QUALLE (SWE) pères de gagnants en CSI ou CCI et de plus jeunes en France.
Tous les ans QUITE EASY est le père d’excellents et très beaux jeunes chevaux gagnants ou classés dans les Championnats de France des foals, 2 et 3 ans pour la grande satisfaction des éleveurs qui lui font confiance.

BRULLEMAIL stud-farm bought QUITE EASY in October 2009.

PHOTOS: 1 RICO REVEL CSI. 2 Urbino champion de France Suprême des
foals SF 2008. 3 SUNSHINE DU THOT SF stallion. 4 VERBENA MAIL (Quite Easy - Embrya Mail). 5 HOLIDAY  CSI. 6 QL CSI. 7 VERON VDL stallion. 8 QUALLE swedish stallion.




Quite Easy is simply marvellous !
His pedigree is outstanding, his model ravishing, his gaits are supple and balanced, his "golden" character, his elasticity when jumping is incredible........and the quality of his foals who inherit all of these qualities ! What more can I say ?
It really is a great chance to have one of the best QUIDAM DE REVEL son's in France, for the time being.
Many insighted breeders can't be wrong as QUITE EASY has a lot of succes and justly so.
So,what type of mare can be bred to him?
To tell you the truth. All of them !
In general, we think that you should give him fairly big mares as he himself is of medium size (1m65).Even if infact he produces fairly tall. But of course if your mare measures 1m58 he will not breed a foal to be 1m 70! But foals out of average size mares are of a normal height and those out of big mares are tall and elegant.
His foals are very chic and inherit his strong and supple back, which he gets from QUIDAM. Like all the QUIDAM offspring he doesn't always bring a lot of bone. And anyway it is not for this reason that you should look to use QUITE EASY.
I think that the circumferance of the "cannon" has nothing to do with the quality of a modern sprot horse. What matters is that the foal should be well proportioned.
QUITE EASY will also only produce either bays of greys as he is homoztgothe. If your mare is too "yellow" then her foal will always be bay.
Just take a look at the many QUITE EASY foals or 3 year olds in some of the shows and you will see what I mean.

Last and not least, the quality of QE's semen is exceptional !
If your mare is not in foal ,it can only be the mares fault!
Whatever the insemination technique used, his fertility is excellent.
Of course as QE is based in France at the moment it would be silly not to take advantage of either fresh or refrigerated semen. It's always better to minimilise the costs by having a mare in foal quickly and reduce the added expence of frozen semen.

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