2001 - SF - 1m70 - Noire

  Adelfos holst
Athlet Z hann
Alm sf
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Condina holst
Caletto I host
L michaela westf
  Galanterie Mail
Hand in Glove xx
Best Turn xx
Miss Betty xx
Gina La Rouge
Nankin sf
Cattleya aa

NOVELLA MAIL was a good winner in show jumping at 4 & 5 yr old, qualified for the Finale at 5 and then She had an accident in a paddock. She stated again the competition at 7 & 8 yr old ISO 124 and then go back for breeding because the injury came back. This superb black mare ealy had the potential to compete in Grand Prix 1m50. NOVELLA has a pedigree very interesting from the cross of the Holsteiner ADELFOS (2d of the French Championship show won by ALLIGATOR) x HAND IN GLOVE ps x NANKIN. Her grand-dam came from Fernad Leredde stud-farm (Rouge) who used a lot the "chef de race" NANKIN. Her 3rd dam CATTLEYA, born to Mme Villenave stud-farm, was an AA, daughter of the thoroughbred SOKOD crossed with the great championne OCEANE (Seducteur aa) French Championn & CSIO. OCEANE produced also CAMILLO (Skod ps) 5 yr old Champion & CSI.
NOVELLA MAIL is an ELITE broodmare.


NOVELLA MAIL had her first foal by Embryon Tranfert in 2009. Dam of :

- 2009 VALENTINO MAIL (Quarto Mail) m db placed 5th at the French 2 yr old stallion championship show, Brullemail auctions exported to Sweden, jumping winner at 4.
- ATLAS MAIL (Quite easy) m db,
- 2011 BESSORA MAIL (Iowa) f bb,
- 2013 DOUMA MAIL (Stakkato) f bf jumping at 4 & 5, sold in 2018
- 2014 EVITA MAIL (Utrillo ) f gr
- 2015 FERGUS MAIL (Quality Touch) m b
- 2016 GILDA MAIL (Tygar Mail)

Sold in foal 2017 by DELSTAR MAIL